I have a salt lamp in every room as it changes the energy in an amazingly positive way. I never want to turn them off. The candles are great too! I bight all my friends lamps for gifts and they LOVE them too.
- Joan Might - Huntington Beach, CA

I purchased 3 lamps for my home because we have allergies. Neither I nor my son has woken up sneezing or coughing since the lamp has been on. WE LOVE IT!! I wished I found this sooner. I recommend this to everyone!! It just cleans the air and you feel good! I ordered more to place one in every room in the house, simply because I believe in this product. Thank you, we feel GREAT!!!!
- A. Lagua

I have tried many bath salts and I find that this is THE very best salt! It is very relaxing in a hot bath and it is also fragrance free. Great for allergic people.
- Freda Sahara Montebello, California (12/13/08)

I purchased the salt lamp yesterday from you at the Eco-Product fair, (Santa Monica Civic Center, California), I suffer from asthma and allergies, I have dogs and live in smog filled L.A., (Los Angeles, California). I set up my lamp in my bedroom the moment I came home. I woke up this morning lying in bed taking very deep breathes to welcome the new day, (which has not occurred in years. I am a shallow breather), and began my day feeling rested. After one night, I see a difference. Thank you very much for making this available.
I am a believer.
Bless you!
- Phaedra Ruffalo (12/13/08)

My Testimonial "The Pizza Guy" I have been baking and cooking for over 25 years. Most recently however, I have been traveling as an organic NY Pizzeria...all over the country. I came upon the Himalayan salt at Sol fest, in Hopland, California in 2002. The effect on my pizza dough was magical. Most salt kills yeast...The Himalayan (Salt) whispers the yeast softly to sleep on a breath of fresh-salty air. I end up using less salt in my dough recipe and other dishes. (The) Flavor is much cleaner and deeper than any sea salt. Quite simply, this salt changed the way I cooked and thought about salt. I will never use any other salt again, if I can help it. 250 million years!
- Ryon Weber Pie for the People! [pieforthepeople@gmail.com] (12/14/08)

As I was standing in the Designed 4 Life booth at the local conference, (Eco Gift Show, Santa Monica, California), I instantly felt unmistakable sinus relief and was sold before he said a single word.
- Eric Shaprio San Fernando Valley, California (12/14/08)

My Name is Shoshanna S, I have (3) salt lamps in my house going 24 hours per day. I also have bought them for everyone I know with allergies, asthma and rhinitis I have 3 children with asthma.

AGE 10: Severe Allergies and Rhinitis from her toddler days. Nothing has worked for her. I have taken her to specialists. They have given her steroids for nasal use. Oral steroids, she has repeated sinus infections. She carries tissue wherever she goes. Her nose is always full of mucous. She gets up all through the night to blow her nose. I purchased a lamp. The first night her nose stopped dripping. Subsequent evenings her sinuses began to dry out. She still has a runny nose outside of the house. Once she is in the house. She can breathe. Her nose is not running. She sleeps peacefully. This is remarkable.

AGE 8: SEVERE ASTHMATIC, Severe allergies. The Lamp keeps her free of sneezing and breathing clearly in the home especially during the night.

AGE 8: SEASONAL ASTHMATIC, Coughing sneezing, stuffy nose. The lamp allows clear free breathing and peaceful slumber I do not care what any skeptics say. Every Rhinitis/allergy sufferer worldwide should have a Salt Lamp. My children’s clear breathing is priceless to me.

Recently, the sewage back up into house in the bathrooms under the walls down the hallway, into the garage. Everything was sanitized windows opened for 3 days. A foul odor still emanated. I placed a salt lamp in the hallway as an experiment. The smell has dissipated 85% overnight. What can I tell you? I keep a lamp in the Kitchen as well. Whatever I cook fish, sauerkraut whatever. The light totally removes the odors from the kitchen, the light sanitizes the air. I cannot live without the lamps period. I will have one in every room. They are beautiful, natural and complimentary to any decor. They are nightlights. They come in varying shades I LOVE THEM!
- S Susan Schaefer, Assistant to the Chairman , Global Sales & Marketing Mgr - EPD

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